Serving Stormont and Dundas Counties

Charity Registration Number: 135045490 RR 0001

Community Food Share has two locations in Winchester and Morrisburg which are open three days a week. Each location is staffed by a food-client coordinator with a number of volunteers assisting on each shift. We also have a one-day-a-week food cupboard in Finch and another twice-a-month food cupboard in Crysler to serve clients in North Stormont.


We provide food, using the client choice model, to approximately 336 households every month representing nearly 1000 individuals (including more than 375 children).

Winchester Public School

Why we changed our name to Community Food Share


In December 2016, the Dundas County Food Bank became known as Community Food Share: Serving Dundas & Stormont Counties. There are two main reasons for this change.

First, we wanted a new name that was less focused on a specific geographic area.

Since its inception in 1992, the Dundas County Food Bank served clients in North Stormont Township as well as Dundas County. The existing name caused confusion for donors, clients and the community at large. It was decided that a new name should recognize that the clients we serve and the people who support our work reach beyond the border of Dundas County.


Second, at the time our role was that of traditional food bank – distributing food to those in need.

However, over the past number of years, food banks across Canada have added new programs to complement their traditional function and to address the needs of their clients. We felt it was important that, whatever name we chose, it should give us some flexibility to explore new directions. We wanted a new name that would allow us to go anywhere and do anything that involves food security in our community.

Community Food Share satisfies both requirements.

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